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BELL ADVOCATE will assess your legal issue, your objectives, and your budget to work with you to design a plan that works for you.
BELL ADVOCATE LLC is committed to predictable and transparent pricing options thus does not employ an hourly rate for billing purposes unless required by the court or the circumstances of the case.
To achieve this purpose, BELL ADVOCATE LLC uses the following pricing methods which offer budget-conscious clients more predictability than the ambiguous costs inherent in the billable-hour-rate-structure offered by most attorneys:

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Traditional Representation

The "Anything Goes" Approach


This pricing plan may be best for those who anticipate a high level of activity and/or conflict during their case, or those who want the most predictable financial arrangement.

This price model is all-inclusive. Any incidentals (emergency motions, additional discovery, strategic modifications) reasonably related to the issue will be performed by the Firm for no additional charge. Under this model, the only work that would incur additional attorney's fees is trial prep and a trial.

Services under this model are performed for a flat fee. The retainer deposit due for all applicable services is $250 for all services priced below $1000, $500 for all services prices over $1000, and $1000 for all services prices over $5000.

Payment plans are available.

The "Wait and See" Approach


This pricing plan may be best for those who want the benefit of legal counsel but believe, or hope, that their case may conclude quickly or with minimum activity.

Under this pricing, model incidentals are not included. The flat monthly fee covers all standard pleadings, court appearances, and communications connected with the original pleading or issue for which Bell Advocate was canceled. Any services requested outside the scope of that engagement will only be performed for an additional fee.

Services under this model are performed for a base rate and then a monthly fee for every month thereafter until the representation is terminated.

The monthly payment is due on the first of every month unless otherwise agreed, but the Client may split the payment into bi-weekly payments if desired. 

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Unbundled Services

When a client chooses the unbundled service model, a client can work with a lawyer for as much or as little of the matter as needed or desired. This service model is optimal for those who are comfortable doing parts of the case themselves but want assistance with specific tasks, like responding to a motion, or specific phases, like issuing discovery or representation at a trial.

Under this model, fees are assessed per phase of the case or per task.

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Associated Costs

Please note that the legal fees due to the FIRM DO NOT include costs and expenses incurred to provide those services. In addition to the fee above, Client agrees to pay any costs and expenses including, but not limited to, filing fees, court fees, private investigators, expert witnesses, court reporter transcripts, service of subpoenas, non-customary travel expenses which the Firm considers necessary and proper for the preparation and execution of the Firm’s commitments, postage, and any other expense incurred in order to effectively represent Client.

The Firm will seek Client’s approval before incurring these costs and explain why these costs are necessary to accomplish Client’s objectives

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