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"A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members" ~Pope John Paul II

When your loved ones can no longer take care of themselves or their dependents, Guardianship proceedings allow you to step in and care for their needs.

Grandma's Healing Touch
Guardianship: Practices

Guardianship Services

Guardianship Responsibilities and Power of Attorney Duties are VERY similar, but they differ in how they are obtained. Power of Attorney is given by the person in need, Guardianship is given to you by declaration of the Probate Court.

You can ask a court to appoint you as a:

  • Limited guardian - A person who is granted the limited power to make only those decisions about personal care and/or personal finances that the court specifies.

  •  Plenary guardian - A Person who generally has the full power to make all decisions about personal care and/or finances for the disabled person.

  • Temporary guardian - A person with very specific powers and duties; only used in emergency situations.

  • Standby or Successor guardian -  A guardian can also choose a standby guardian. The standby guardian then takes care of the child when the parent or guardian gets sick or dies.

  • Short Term guardian - A  parent or guardian picks the short-term guardian to be responsible for a year or less. The parent or guardian does not need to go to court, but the agreement must be in writing.

Minor Guardianship

Proceedings for when relatives or others take care of children when their own parents have died or are otherwise unable to care for their children. Guardianship can be temporary or permanent.

Average $1400 - $2800 plus court costs

Teacher and Class

Uncontested Guardian of the Person Only

A Guardian of the  Person arranges for the day to day wellbeing (support, care, comfort, health, education) of the ward.

Average $1400 - $1680 plus court costs

In Good Hands

Uncontested Guardian of the Estate Only

A guardian of the estate makes decisions about management of the ward's property and finances. 

Pursuing Guardianship of an Estate requires both an attorney and a bond in Cook County.

Average $1400 - $3500 plus court costs 

Market Analysis

Guardianship of the Person and Estate

Full Services for a Full Guardianship:


Care Plan



Average $2800 - $4200 plus court costs 

Paper Wrapped Box

Contested Guardianships

When there is a disagreement as to whether or not a person, minor or adult, needs a guardian, or about whom is appropriate to be the guardian, that case is considered contested. 

A contested case will likely require a Guardian Ad Litem ( an impartial advocate for the person who needs the guardian) be appointed and may even required a form hearing, or trial.

Average $4200 - $7000 plus court costs 

Tug of War

Guardianship Accounting

Due Yearly, Accountings are used to show the court the details of how the assets of a ward's estate have been managed. The Accounting will summarize the money the guardianship estate had or received, and the money spent out of the guardianship estate. 

Average $1400 - $4200 plus court costs 

Guardianship: Services

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